Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Began Today

Since I was laid off 4 months ago I have been trying to find my niche. Besides waking up and scouring the internet for jobs. First I threw myself into a daily workout regiment which lasted through Christmas. Now I have found the art of cooking. The hubby n kids are enjoying my new culinary masterpieces. To date the Chicken n Dumplings are at the top of the list as well as homemade bread. Today I made Ham/Pineapple with Jasmine Rice. It was Yummy. I haven't totally given up on exercise just doing the things I enjoy. We set up an Archery Range and we are all enjoying that as well as going to the shooting range and practicing on the pistol, rifle & shotgun stations. Today we didn't get to shoot. Oh well there is always tomorrow.


  1. Great blog! I'll enjoy reading it! And, I need your chicken and dumplings recipe.

  2. Ok, I am making it tomorrow so I will take pictures and post them as well as the recipe on my blog.