Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Healthcare.gov Review

My first vent blog.

My husband began his new job yesterday and the company he went to work for dropped their healthcare plan so we are forced to go on the Marketplace aka Obamacare.  I cannot believe how long and how awful and experience this process was.  The program says save and continue but it never saves.  I must have gotten almost to the end of the seventeen pages of questions when it froze up and I had to start all over. Finally I got so aggravated I called the number they listed to call if you were having problems.  Get a load of this the tech who answered the phone couldn't get it to work either.  I asked where their offices were located they said due to security reasons she could only tell me the Southeast Region of the US.  Go figure.  Well a four thumbs down for the Healthcare.gov insurance Marketplace aka Obamacare.  Thank you for two days of aggravation.

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