Saturday, January 17, 2015

A New Year a New Me!

Being sick all the time really sucks!

My New Year's Resolution is to have a new mindset on how I deal with being chronically ill.  I need to beat the depression that comes with not being able to do much.

Last year I was able to alleviate some of the doldrums with Quilting, Knitting, & Crocheting as a way to remain on the planet.

This year, in addition to crafting, I am using doTerra Essential Oils in a diffuser as a natural therapy.  I am hoping it will eliminate some of the synthetic medications I am on.

So far I have been able to cut out all of the over the counter meds.  One day I hope to be off of all my prescriptions as well.  I am really enjoying the Essential Oils.  They really have been working to lift my spirits, not to mention curbing my migraines, arthritis, & stomach problems.

I highly recommend this therapeutic approach.  I have attached some great methods that have worked on my entire family.  I especially love the OnGuard toothpaste & the Deep Blue Rub.

Here is a link if you are interested in trying some oils.

Oh and here are a few of this years craft creations.

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