Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Homesteading Continued......

Had to go to the property to meet the septic man (county is forcing us to have septic, we wanted to do composting, to save water and to nurture our soil).  Septic man got ill and was so apologetic have to meet up with him again at another time.  Trip up was successful as we got the trail up to the ridge cleared and cleaned up the Outdoor Kitchen area.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Let the Homesteading Begin

The time is coming near.  All is packed and ready to go.  Tiny Home, Shop Cabin & Sewing Cabin built and on the way.  Land cleared and ready for them to be delivered.  I'm so excited to begin our new life off the grid.  Homesteading here we come.

Tiny Home will sit on this pad just like this.  So our back yard view

This will go on the pad like this.  So our kitchen living room view

Sewing Cabin (it will have a red roof) on this pad 

Shop Cabin on this pad

Haven't had time to create but did manage to get my grandson Theo's birthday socks done.