Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Story Behind My First Quilting Project

Quilting Daily is having a contest so I decided to participate in it.  The story behind my first quilt is  probably like many others however it is taking me quite a while to prepare, learn and create my first quilt.  After moving to Utah I rediscovered my love for the needle arts.  Mostly Knitting, Crocheting and Hand Sewing.  Machine Sewing has always kind of scared me but I am learning to  conquer it.  I did participate in a group hand sewn baby quilt sometime ago but since there was  so many of us contributing I don't really consider it my first quilting project.  In order to prepare for my first quilting project I had to find someplace in our apartment to sew.  The pantry/canning closet was the only area that I could convert so with some reshuffling I transformed the closet into a really cute sewing room with a quilt wall and all.  I then took some online Craftsy classes to learn the basics of machine quilting.  I am now finally at the point of designing my first quilt.  The inspiration for this quilt comes from not being able to have my 14 year old twin boys live with us here in Utah.  They decided to stay in Florida with their Dad.  Hence the design of the Broken Heart Block which will soon become a full quilt.

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  1. FYI I picked a quilt kit, a crochet kit, a knitting kit, a quilt stencil, & a purse frame as my prizes totaling $200. I chose these items because they represent the needle arts I love to do.