Saturday, April 12, 2014

Quilting Tips, Projects Completed, Projects in Progress

Tip #1
I don't know about you but once I have finished with all my blocks and have them in the order I want them in on my quilt wall, I have a heck of a time keeping them in that order when I need to sew.  So instead of the little round labels or post-its that everyone else likes to use I use the photo/scrapbook corner labels.  This way I can put them in the corners of the blocks and number them.  Yes they are more expensive than most labels but they don't leave glue on your fabric like the other labels do sometimes.  This helps me hope it helps you.

Tip #2
When trying to design your next quilt and you need an easy way to find the color coordinating fabrics you want to use just go to the paint department and grab some color samples their free.  That's what I do. Maybe it will help you too.
Projects Completed
Broken Heart Mug Rug
Projects in Progress
First Scrappy Triangle/Square Quilt

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