Thursday, August 14, 2014

Quilting for Therapy

I right this post in honor of Robin Williams as on the day he died I was in Florida visiting family.   
Even though I love them with all my heart I struggled doing the same thing as Robin as it was a very bad day.  This is for everyone who suffers or has been killed from the terrible illness of depression.

Visiting the Family in Florida

I know social media is public and I do not have a thing to hide but apparently it bothers others that as a disabled person that I quilt for therapy.  Apparently I am not aloud to have a hobby such as quilting even though it was recommended by my therapist to find something that I was passionate about so I would want to stay on the planet.  Apparently I am not allowed to have a blogspot or website and all of you as friends even though that too was recommended by my therapist. Apparently I am not allowed to walk across the street with my Granny Cart with my daughter and go food shopping or allowed to move my sewing room across the hall with the assistance of my daughter or allowed to take a 5 to 10 minute walk with my dogs in the morning.  Even though all these things were recommended by my therapist. Why does this bother some people you ask?  Their reasoning is that if I am physically able to do these things including cooking or canning then I should be able to work a full time job. Doesn't seem to matter that my Dr's, Therapist & SSA have already approved me for disability benefits and have declared me disabled since 6/13/13.  Doesn't seem to matter that the things I do and when I do them is at the mercy of my illnesses and depression. 

Well for all of us who suffer with depression Quilt On! or do whatever you can to remain on the planet in honor of Robin. 


  1. It is sad that people do not understand how debilitating depression can be. It is also sad that people judge other people by what they "see".

    I also quilt! It is relaxing and mind stimulating at the same time.

  2. It is sad honey, but unfortunately like you, I have been in a depression since your Daddy passed away...........I'm glad your quilting has helped you! hell with anyone who wants
    to take that away from you........