Thursday, March 5, 2015

Finding the joy in everything

Some days are just harder than others to get motivated. Even getting out of bed is a battle and I know I'm not the only one.

Finding the joy in everything is a hard mindset to get around.  Especially when you suffer from depression.

Yes I enjoy my Family & Friends. Yes I enjoy my two German Shepherds. Yes I enjoy all the needle art creations I make.  Yes I enjoy my Essential Oils. Yes I enjoy the beauty of Utah.  Yes I enjoy writing a blog or in my journal.

But yet some days are just so bad that getting to the next hour is a struggle. I guess there is only so much the joys above & medications can do before the mind gripping depression blocks the joy from entering into your brain.

Its hard being defective. I guess on some days you just have to find the joy that being defective is okay.

Here are some of the joys in my life.  Thank you to all that help me find those joys.

Rag Pillow

TShirt quilt

Solid Socks

Puff Quilt
White Rotary Treadle Machine

Son in Law Ian & Grandson Theo

Theo, Victoria, Ivy, Nanny, Conor oh & Ice cream

Ivy, Victoria, Theo & Me

Ivy & Me

Nanny, Theo & Me

Victoria, Theo, Ivy, Me, Conor, CJ, Cameron, Nanny & Danny Boy

Cameron, CJ, Conor

Top Shot Rosie

Ty, Me, Rosie, & Sadie

Me & Pat

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