Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dairy Goats

The first thing we purchased for our homestead after moving in were chickens cause we love farm fresh eggs & meats. Once you have had them you won't go back to store bought. We have Turkeys as well but the hatchlings haven't survived being free range so we're in the process of constructing an enclosure so they can nest in safety. Its nice to know what we're eating no growth hormones and such. We also have meat rabbits and soon as we get the fencing done we will raise some beef cattle. 




Oh yeah this was supposed to be about dairy goats. Well just like the eggs & meat once you had fresh goats milk you won't go back to store bought whole cows milk. I can't taste the difference and we don't have to worry about hormones or pasturuzing as goats milk is naturally pasteurized and better for your belly.  We have one Nubian & one LaMancha and we yield about one and a half gallons a day. Yes I hand milk at 7 am & 7 pm. So what do we do with all this milk. Well we drink it. 




I also make cheese with it. Still working on getting the hardness correct and not looking like ricotta but it tastes awesome. 


Yesterday I made my first batch of yogurt. I especially like it with granola and raisins. 



Props go out to Hanby Dairy & New England Cheese for all their products & equipment. Everything is well packaged with instructions. Their kits are great with easy 
recipes. I highly recommend stainless steel pots, strainers & utensils. A candy thermometer is a must. I also purchased a YogoTherm to help make the yogurt. Since we are on solar this product does not use any electricity. The Yogurt packets have instructions which make it very simple. 


Next I will be making lotions and soaps. Just waiting on the supplies to come in which I purchased from Bulk Apothecary so stay tuned. 

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